Business Coaching Testimonials

“Working with Juliette has converted my perception of coaching from one of slight scepticism to advocating it wholeheartedly. The value as a business leader of being able to recognise your true objectives and values along with everyone else’s in the organisation cannot be underestimated. Coaching has helped me to take a step back from the day-to-day, embrace company leadership and give my team the space to grow. Juliette’s coaching style is fun, open and engaging. I highly recommend her as a business coach.”

Ben Taylor, Managing Director, Language Connect

“ Having personally benefitted hugely from Jules’ coaching services at my previous company, I was very keen to introduce her to my new organization for both individual and group training. DISC coaching encourage us to apply a consistent way of thinking about one another, and our clients – helping us to interpret one another’s needs and wants, how to achieve our goals, and helping us to gain a better understanding of how to work together so creating a more harmonious team. Everyone who had 1:1 leadership training commented on how useful it had been in not only improving their attitude towards work, but also in how they approached their role as a line manager. Having seen the magic she can work on several occasions, I can’t wait to work with Jules again.”  

Samantha Kennedy, C.O.O. – Evidently Ltd

“Having initially worked with Juliette on the Growth Accelerator Business Coaching Programme, it was really obvious to me that I had to keep her involved in the business for another year.  Over two years, Juliette has advised, helped, mentored and coached me through a pivotal time for our business.  She’s given me guidance and tools that I have used to the business one step closer to what I know it can be. As a result of working with Juliette, we are no longer working hard to keep up with the corporate world, Instead we have become one of the most respected technical service providers, relied upon and trusted by our increasing number of large corporate clients, and as a result this has given us a much better opportunity to shine”.

Kieron Garlic, M.D – Present Communications Ltd

“The Good Coaching Company helped me to escape from fire fighting by building a stronger team that then doubled our turnover and profit in one year. All of this removed much of the pressure and stress of growing a now successful business”   

Auro Foxcroft, Founder, Village Underground

“Juliette acted as my business coach as part of the Growth Accelerator Business Coaching Programme and the work she did with me greatly exceeded my expectations. She is highly professional and knowledgeable in her field, always well prepared, delivers results-based techniques and adapts to the changing demands of a business owner/ business. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to develop their business or teams and individuals within a larger organisation.”    

Jessica Rose, Founder, London Jewellery School

“I just wanted to thank you for your assistance recently. My attitude to coaching has always been mixed, but you constantly challenge my thinking, and have introduced me to many ideas that make sense and are appropriate for my business. Your style is perfect for me, and I like the way you follow up on actions and summarise what we have covered. Your ability to pull out a relevant piece of paper from that bag of yours that just seems to be written for Made Simple Group never ceases to astound me. Now you are also working with one of my team and the initial feedback has been similarly positive. So I suppose to sum up, I would say, ‘Does what it says on the tin!’”

Howard Graham, CEO, Made Simple Group

“Thank you so much for coaching me to be a better leader last year. From the very first meeting in November 2014 the overwhelming value of your time was immediately apparent. 

Us business owners know how difficult it is not to respond to a situation emotionally. Juliette you have shown me how to leave emotion at the door and deal with the facts at hand in a business like manner, this was necessary to grow my business in a wholesome way. 

You have helped me isolate the tasks I need to be involved in and delegate the rest plus given me the mechanics to do so. 

Thank you Juliette not just from me but the whole TechRelate team for making everyone’s lives better.”

Julian Fox, Director – TechRelate Ltd

“The programme allowed us (The Board of Directors) time to work together as a team and focus on the fundamentals of the practice – who are we?  What do we want to be?  What makes us different?  This was a hugely rewarding process and has subsequently allowed us to truly define the ‘personality’ of the Practice which, in turn, has provided a very clear reference point for everyone in the company.  Juliette was a particularly strong coach and used our sessions to encourage us to look in detail at how we operate as individuals and as a Board.  Although Juliette has a very personable approach, she really held us to account which meant we had to deliver, rather than just talk about, LUC’s platform for growth. I feel we’re a stronger, more united Board as a consequence of Juliette’s coaching and I’m sure the company has already benefited from it.”  

Steve Jackson-Matthews, Head of Ecology – LUC

“The consistent setting of min-targets and action points was extremely useful to keep me on track and helped with motivation. This all led to a dedicated focus and, more importantly, saw an increase in business.  Juliette has a no-nonsense approach and can get to the heart of a problem very quickly and offer a range of solutions. Excellent business insight and very practical in drawing out potential paths to follow. Overall, an amazing coach.”  

Simon Newsham,  Newshams Tax Advisors

“Juliette is an excellent coach. She listens, challenges and works hard to enable you to unlock solutions to problems.’

Dr Richard Wilson – CEO, TIGA

“Juliette is my Windolene! Working with her helps to clear the smudges from my window on the world and give me much greater clarity on how I can achieve my goals. Juliette strikes the perfect balance of pure coaching and mentoring. First empowering me to seek my own solutions and actions but also having the experience and knowledge to make suggestions, share tools, concepts and methodologies. I can honestly say I do not think I would have achieved half of what I have in the past 12 months if I had not been working with Juliette during this time.”   

David Brett -Global Sales Director, Language Connect. 

“I am writing to thank you for the services you continue to provide to my firm. Bargate Murray are an award-winning international law firm who expect those who provide services to us to meet the highest standards. You have most certainly done so. You have worked with members of my firm to maximise their potential and effectiveness with great results. In doing so you have helped to ensure that my firm can and will continue to meet the exacting standards of quality and client care that have become our hallmarks. I would not hesitate to recommend your work to anyone looking for business or management coaching services and look forward to continuing our work with you”.

Quentin Bargate, Bargate Murray Law

“I asked Juliette to provide some business coaching for me and a colleague. That was two months ago and the results of her coaching are evident for all to see. Juliette has encouraged me to work through some extremely difficult management situations and has transformed the way I work on a daily basis. My to do list rarely grows over 5 items which are always dealt with by close of business! I have also discovered a more positive approach to problem solving and staff management issues that had been weighing me down for months. I cannot recommend her highly enough, an absolute pleasure to work with.”      

Alex Miller, Managing Director – Livewire Home Integration Ltd

Juliette was asked to help our Board team to improve our business leadership and management style.

The coaching Juliette gave us has had a really positive impact on the effectiveness on how we now do business. We understand each other a lot better, and have greater awareness of how we need to communicate and approach others to get the best possible result. We make time to communicate, share ideas and support each other. Through honest and frank discussions, we have a shared common purpose that we are all signed up to, and this has to be a really powerful tool in taking our business forward.

Jennette Emery-Wallis LUC Director Landscape Architecture

“Juliette is an excellent coach…She asks the right questions at the right time and was a pleasure to work with. We would recommend her highly.”  

Steve Skeates, Managing Director, Integral Search & Select

“Thank you so much for opening my eyes up to how subtle changes in how I approach challenges can make a big difference to the results. I am really happy to have invested in your coaching program as it can be fairly limiting trying to make decisions and implement structures for my business without discussing if my choices are the right ones for me and the Company. We often leave our own needs until last when running a business and you have taught me to alter my perspective, balance responsibilities and become more productive as a result. 

You have coaxed me out of my comfort zone to allow me to take the next step in growing my business. 

Sometimes it takes another person to pull you back from the wall you are bashing your head against, to help you consider that there may actually be a way round it.” 

Diana Machin, Personal Property Management Ltd

“Juliette has helped me focus on key business objectives, her relaxed and focused approach has enabled me to pin point key areas to develop that deliver real change for the better and she has been fundamental to how I have moved my practice forward. I have no hesitation to recommend Juliette to those that want to see a real and measurable difference in their business and give you an edge that others will notice.”   

Cuoghi DipPFS, St James Place Wealth Management

“Juliette is an amazing coach who really cares about what she does and is extremely knowledgeable. I hope to be working with her for a long time to come. Her support is invaluable to me as a business owner.”   

Johanna Lueders, Principal Plans Ltd

“Mango has availed itself of Juliette’s coaching services quite a few times now and the results continue to speak for themselves. Juliette’s expert advice and guidance coupled with her extremely personable demeanor has allowed us to develop highly effective communication skills that we utilize to great effect both internally and with our clients. Further, by providing meaningful insights and identifying personal goals with each of our staff, Juliette has helped Mango keep our employees both engaged and challenged, a win-win for all involved.”    

Daniel Levan Harris,M.D, Mango International Ltd
“Jules has a quiet confident approach but don’t let this mislead you. She is a great listener and offers very insightful opinion and advice. She has added great value to my personal management style within the business.”

Mark Beard, M.D, Vertex Solutions International