Leadership & Management Training Testimonials

“ I challenged Juliette to provide a bespoke training course for my team and she exceeded my expectations.  Her research and preparation was thorough and the end result was extremely effective.  She has a great presentation style, informal but maintaining control of a large group.  She is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and has a wealth of experience which adds to her credibility.  My team greatly enjoyed the training, have embraced their new skills are using these in their daily lives and language.”                  

Anne-Marie Reading – Manager of Client Services, Niu Solutions

“I have worked with Juliette on numerous occasions and have always been extremely impressed with her knowledge and commitment to all aspects of coaching and development. Her ability to break down issues into easy to manage portions and her consistent and reliable approach makes her one of the best coaches that we have used in our work in leadership development.”  

David O’Connor – Course Director, Common Purpose

“I started the programme wanting to develop the skills I had to become a Sales Manager, Juliette’ guidance and tools enabled me to not only gain the promotion I wanted, but become the most successful Sales Manager the company has ever had, I simply wouldn’t be in the position I am now without Juliette’s help, and for that I will always be grateful.”   

Chris Dawson, Sales Manager, Outstanding Branding

“I approached the coaching programme with a very open mind. From a practical perspective, I was keen to learn about how I could become a more effective communicator and manager – and better manage my time management.  It was great working with Juliette. Not only did she provide me with many practical resources, that will help me on-going – but she also opened my mind to how others communicate, challenged my habitual thinking and really got me to engage with how to be a better communicator.  A thoroughly enjoyable, engaging and highly valuable programme.”

Michelle Carvill, Marketing Director – Made Simple Group

“I wanted more time for myself and my team, I felt I was the best person for each task within the office and struggled to delegate. Not an issue anymore!  I have more time to concentrate on the management of my team and the business, whilst being a better person to be around at home as I now have time for my family.  Thanks Juliette”

R.D.S, Manager, Made Simple Group

“Juliette has worked with many senior people at McCann London and has been exceptional at helping personal development, focus on teamwork and delivery against objectives. We would recommend her to help create a high performance culture.”

Chris Macdonald, CEO McCann London

“In my all my time at Babington House School, I have found this training the most useful in terms of helping Senior Leadership to move forward as a group”

Chris Thomas, Deputy Head, Babington House School

“Juliette is a fantastic coach who knows exactly how to tune in to the needs of her clients and empower them to make positive changes. As a result of the sessions I’ve had with her, I am not only more happy and confident as a manager but also more successful, having managed to achieve business targets that previously seemed unachievable.”

Amy Lovejoy, Interpreting Services Manager, Language Connect International Ltd.

“Juliette has coached us several times at the Finnish Institute in London. We have dealt with issues such as expansion, recruitment, staff cohesion and communication. She provides a space to think, tools to think with and she always brings real insight and clarity into the process.”

Raija Koli, Director – The Finnish Institute

Juliette helped me achieve a lot of goals I set myself, taught me very useful ways of communication and provided me with tools I’ve since then implemented into my daily work life. Because of all the action steps that were set after each session, I had to put theory into practice and was thus sometimes forced outside my comfort zone because I had to complete certain assignments. This has not only had an impact on me working with my team in a more efficient manner, it also helped me grow as a manager.”

Sabine Ritzinger, Operations Manager – Germany, Language Connect

“When I began my coaching sessions, I felt overwhelmed and disorganised. Together we analysed where the heart of the issues lay and implemented approaches to help to deal with them. Through measurable goal setting and reviewing of what worked best, I noticed a real change in my overall attitude, work ethic and enjoyment of my job. Not only am I more effective on a day-to-day basis, I like what I do for a living and enjoy any challenges that cross my path. It was really beneficial and I highly recommend it to anyone”

Barry Lawless, Project Manager at Livewire Integration Ltd.

“I found the Programme to be exactly what I needed, as someone who was new to a management position. I acquired both new and valuable skillsets which have proven invaluable in stepping up to the challenge of my new role.”   

Olly, Made Simple Group

“I approached Juliette while there were significant changes happening in our team. She has helped to perceive the challenges in a different way and provided many tools to apply on a daily basis. Her coaching programme enabled me to motivate my team despite an increase in routine tasks due to company growth and create opportunities for career development of my team ”

P.Akhan, Finance Manager, Language Connect Int Ltd

“Juliette enabled the team to focus on our strengths, delivering her information in a professional and informative manner. We all benefitted from her expertise”

Leek Bailey, Head Teacher, Babington House School

“Juliette presented the course professionally and made what could have been a tedious two hours into an informative motivational session that I thoroughly enjoyed. Juliette was able to relate to everyone and had a firm positive answer to any question that was raised, and she also showed her sensitive side when raw nerves were touched upon. I would gladly invite Juliette back into the School for further training and would recommend her to anyone who is considering this type of training.”

Stuart Harris, Bursar, Babington House School

“Juliette was able to bring experience, poise and insight to solve managerial and individual work challenges that felt previously intractable and rapt in emotion. 
Working with individuals or teams, she was always able to help us get to positive outcomes through her extensive range of performance and psychological tools & models, her adaptive and calm way of introducing them and being a brilliant listener. 
She’s also a good laugh, which other coaches sometimes struggle to be… I highly recommend her to anyone serious about getting more done and being happier doing it”.            

Jon Tipple McCann London

“ Juliette is very professional, patient and a great listener. She challenges you by asking you to analyse a problem from a different perspective and by “writing with a hand that is not the one that you normally use”.  I would strongly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to improve their communication and leadership skills. Juliette has helped me gain self-confidence, guide me through decision-making processes and discover sides of my attitude in a professional environment that were hidden somewhere in my subconscious.”

Anna Chiara Astuti, Translation Team Leader – Language Connect

“I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Juliette Levy as an executive leadership coach.  In just 12 sessions I managed to overcome many of the hurdles that can be encountered as a senior leader. Juliette creatively steered me through a whole realm of personalised tools that she seemed to whip out from a hat allowing me to gain a new confidence, direction, balance & happiness from work & life.  Her style has just the right mix of empathy & professional distance to allow for very relaxed & open sessions (despite me being on the other side of the world!).  I feel very grateful for having come into contact with Juliette and I know the outcome of our work together will allow me to grow at a rhythm I otherwise wouldn’t have achieved & gain a new level of satisfaction & success from my professional career.  Thank your Juliette!”

Ilana Sarner, Regional Marketing Director Latin America, Johnson & Johnson Medical

“I have found my management coaching programme to be an invaluable experience, as it gave me the opportunity to analyse real time situations that I was faced with as they were happening. It helped me to really reflect on some of the things that we usually do without really thinking, and provided me with the tools required to deal with some challenging issues. I really enjoyed Juliette’s relaxed style of coaching, her patience and support and the fact that she has boosted my confidence in my ability and enabled me to better develop the people that I manage.”

K. Rasor, Research Industry Manager, Language Connect Ltd

“Juliette gets you thinking about what you really want to achieve/be and then sets about helping you find ways to reach those goals. Her easy going but no – nonsense style is effective and always makes you feel at ease.”

Chi Collins – Senior Partner. CBG Law

“Juliette is an excellent leadership coach. My background is in the performing arts and even though I

thoroughly retrained, I still had the nagging feeling that I wasn’t doing things “the business way”. Juliette helped me find my way in doing business. She helped me to incorporate my experience from opera – and that’s passion, courage, focus, peripheral vision, attention to detail, doing it again as many times as it takes to get it right – into marketing and leadership. 

I think the biggest value of what she offers is her skill to expose holes in one’s thinking. And she is merciless with those holes: you can’t out-talk her and persuade her you are right if you are wrong. My first reaction was to ignore it. Can’t be true. The next day I would have another look at what she’d said. Then I would go and try it out. Result. Revelation. Her way is easier. It brings more business. It creates a much better bottom line. 

Reading this, you probably think she is a real pain. She is not. Juliette is one of the nicest people I have met. I highly recommend her.”

B. Freeman- Marketing Manager, Fresh Skies Ltd

“Working with Jules has completely changed my outlook and approach to business.  I no longer stress or panic when something initially seems unsolvable, but instead take a step back and look for possible solutions, something I was unable to do before.  The sessions were invaluable with great techniques used for extracting information I had buried within through to realisation and development of ideas and processes. A life changing experience.”    

David WIllmott,  Senior Projects Manager, Livewire Home Intergration

My leadership sessions with Jules have made a real difference to both my confidence and motivation. She has helped me to appreciate the importance of my time and also the value of my role within the company I work for. I now feel much happier in my new management position and I have the skills to get the best from my team.”     

Andy Campbell, Operations Manager, Livewire Home Integration Ltd.

I first met Juliette at a workshop for Head teachers organised by the Independent Schools Association. Juliette’s efficient, assured and helpful advice impressed me. This prompted follow up calls during which Juliette was reassuringly focussed on tailoring a series of workshops to the needs of my pupils and staff, within the agenda of my upcoming Staff Conference. This resulted in Moyles Court teachers and GCSE pupils taking part in a series of performance coaching workshops with Juliette..Her approachable and easy manner complemented by her impressive knowledge and skilful delivery proved to be of great benefit to all involved. The beauty and effectiveness of what Juliette does is in its simplicity and focus, making a positive and lasting difference to people’s lives on their own terms, to the betterment of their organisations. I have no hesitation in recommending Juliette to any school, college or individual leader. In my experience, she provides a valuable service specific to the needs of her clients.                          

Greg Meakin, Headmaster, Moyles Court School, Ringwood, Hampshire